Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blogging: A Lit Firework?..........Restriction-Free Recruiting..........And My Jam Jar Is Too Small.


Yes, the blog is back. Or is it? Or should it?

Those of you who are familiar with my previous written (typed) dribblings, will either say "ooh a new blog!" Or "oh a new blog"

However, since my last blog I have made new friends (hello lovelies!!) who are not aware of the almost 400 blogs I have written, and will therefore be intrigued and eager to find out more.

I hope.

So here I am, back once again with more random thoughts to plant in your heads and hopefully make you smile. But should I have returned?

They say you should never return to a lit firework, because running around the garden with sparks coming out of your face whilst making a high pitched 'wheeeee!' sound is never a good look. And similarly, there are risks to returning to a blog that I started a long time ago. I've decided to write this blog now on a whim (that's not a new chair from IKEA) and there is a real danger that what I end up with will be not a humorous collection of words that somebody enjoys, but rather a burnt face and a ringing in my ears.

I'm not a very brave man, and I'm not afraid to say it (actually I am). I'm scared of heights, moths, failing, dying, zombies, fighting, and the skin that forms on custard. And other things. However, I am aware that I might appear to have some small talent for writing stuff - gibberish mainly - and it is that which whispers in my ear 'return to the firework'. I get massive MASSIVE enjoyment from writing this blog, and I think more so now I do it occasionally. When I wrote a blog every day for a year, it became at times a chore and the quality suffered. This way, it's all top quality nonsense. Less is more.

So I'll keep returning to the fireworks for now......what's the worse that can happen?

Correct me if I'm wrong (as I said to the man who invented Tippex), but didn't stuff like flat feet used keep you out of the army? And didn't policemen have to be over 6 feet tall?

Does that still happen? Or have the rules been relaxed? Now, before you all cry 'Equality & Diversity you lanky speccy git!', let me say that I'm all for equality and diversity - some of my closest friends are both equal and diverse (one of them has a full beard AND children), but is there a trade off here?
Flat feet might not be prohibitive for the armed forces, and height might now be a secondary or tertiary consideration for recruiters from police forces, but what about other physical or mental "differences"? 
Can someone with a lazy eye make it as a sniper or a police marksman? A lazy eye doesn't automatically mean poor eyesight. Can you follow a religious calling if you have Tourette's? Would the fear of any outbursts (not all Tourette's is displayed as verbal offensive language) stop a person following their dream to spread the good word? I would hope that they would (and do) but I'm just curious as to whether there are any exclusions that are still in place. We are all aware of the laws preventing discrimination on the grounds of disability, but in reality, how far do they go?
Is it now purely a matter of a person having the right number of skills, rather than the right number of digits or limbs?

I hope so.

Blogging is something I love - it allows me to open my head and shake the contents of my brain out onto a (virtual) page.
It's one of many things I would love to have more time to do - learning the Banjo, continuing my Sign Language, write another story, exercise more amongst others. But at present I am not managing my time and my life well enough to do so. 
All the stuff I want to do is like a homemade jam - it's things I nurture and see grow (in terms of my passion for them), but my jam jar (the time I seem to have available) isn't big enough to hold it all, so it spills over and I'm left with hands covered in jam. I'm working on getting a bigger jar.......

As a final note, the programme announcer of channel 4 tonight has Tourette's - her links are peppered with the word 'Biscuit!'. And it's bloody fantastic! 
I'm not laughing at her - I'm genuinely thrilled that Channel 4 have had the guts to employ a person who is clearly very good at her job.

I don't think the Beeb would be so brave.