Monday, 4 June 2012

Stag Blog: Part Three - Sunday

After the previous two amazing nights, there was the inevitable come down of Sunday.

With only a mild hangover, I awoke at 9:30 and went downstairs for breakfast - only to find that the breakfast areas were packed by hundreds of people who were definitely yesterday. I had to queue for my breakfast - well, that is until I realised that only the cooked breakfast side had a queue. I quickly hatched a cunning plan, and grabbed a bowl of cereal and found a table.

Shortly, I was joined by Dan who was unable to join us in Fancy Dress last night as he was unwell and stayed in the hotel - presumably in Fancy Dress, and playing Hotel Room Drink Facilities Golf (like pub golf, except you get buzzing on caffeine rather than drunk)

Dan then reminded me that a few hours earlier when me and Pat were just about to nod off, he and Marky B had come into our room to drink Rum and Coke, Vodka and Coke, and other Coca Cola accompanying drinks and watch "Babestation" on our TV.

What a pair of tits.

As I sat eating breakfast and reminiscing about the awesome time we had the previous night, I looked around the room and began to vaguely recognise many faces that we had seen out in Oxford. There were also quite a few nice bums I recognised too - some of those guys must really work out.

After breakfast (a further bowl of grapefruit segments, a cooked breakfast, two cups of coffee, and three glasses of Orange juice), it was time to pack our things in readiness to check out by midday. Justin had to leave early as he was going out for a meal with his missus later on, and was really looking forward to it (in case she reads this).

By midday we were all checked out. James, Brendan and Mike squeezed every drop of value for money out of their stay by not checking out until Midday. Poor old Pat had only got about 2 hours sleep so was dead to the world.

We had planned to play football before we left, but it was raining so went back to the Bowling place for a game. Each of us struggled to 'find our arm' to one degree or another, especially Pat - that is until the middle of the game when he suffered some sort of stroke and got a Hat-Trick of strikes. This would be enough to eventually make him the overall winner.

I don't know where we got those overalls from, but they were a nice prize.

My other abiding memory from that game of bowling will be Brendan's star jump of joy when he got his first strike. If Boris Johnson showed that much enthusiasm, he might be more popular.

The game over, it was time to say goodbye. Being men, we did it in a manly way - firm handshake, man hug, punch in the teeth, or a hefty boot to the delicates. Brendan and Mike were heading back to Birmingham, Jay was taking Dan back, and James, Pat, David and myself were heading back to Sturminster.

En route we stopped at McDonalds where I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese meal, and was promptly forgotten about. Everyone else ordered successfully, I must just have a face that is easy to forget.

We set off again, and soon arrived back in Sturminster. I got home and immediately felt quite lonely in the silence of my own home. I missed the laughter and the jokes, and the banter and the great feeling you get from a shared great experience with great people.

Great friends.

To all the guys, thank you for the best weekend I've had in many years.

Pub Golf at the wedding, yeah?

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