Friday, 11 May 2012

McBlog Day 2: Constant Rain, Goggle Boy, The Roll of Mystery, and.....The Death of Conversation

Day Two of this years Scotland Trip started just like day one: In the morning.

After a restful nights sleep, I woke up at just after 7am and went downstairs and sat in the lounge to write my blog. Not this blog, the previous blog. Shortly afterwards, Ben's wife Michelle came downstairs and went into the kitchen - unaware of my presence in the lounge. Eventually, Michelle was alerted to my existence by a loud sneeze that crept upon me while blogging. She strode into the lounge and told me off for sitting in the lounge alone, and said I should sit alone in the downstairs toilet instead. That's not true - but it is funny. In truth she told me to chat to her in the kitchen and as I was always told to be polite when I'm in other people's houses, I accepted.

We had a bit of a natter over a cup of tea, and then were joined by Ben and Cain - who appeared to have woken up with his grumpy face on. He was definitely not a little ray of sunshine - especially when he was asked to walk Alfie, his dog. Ben on the other hand was his normal cheery self - so we all wanted to punch him in the face. After a brief breakfast of toast and coffee, it was time to head off on our journey.

Today we were travelling up to Tillicoultry to stay with Ben's sister Leigh and her husband Jim. Spirits were high as we set off, as the sky was clear of clouds and.....well, blue. The car was loaded, we were all ready and the day was looking good. With a spring in our step (automobilically speaking), we were on our way!

Well, looks can be deceiving. Not 10 minutes into the journey, the blue sky clouded over and the rain came down by the bucketful. And it stayed that way all day. Fat rain, thin rain, fine rain that seemed to defy the windscreen wipers and laugh at their vain attempts to clear it. I tell you, that fine, laughing rain is the worst.

The journey to Tillicoultry takes just over six hours - but the journey flew by because me and Ben we were chatting away about time travel, the afterlife, why animals don't have a concept of humour or sarcasm, and various memories from our 24 year friendship.

In no time at all (or so it seems - we haven't actually mastered time travel) we had reached Scotch corner - so called because the Services there are held together with sellotape - and got out to stretch our legs and have something to eat. The food of choice was Ben's mystery rolls - six rolls with a selection of either cheese, dairylee (fake cheese), or corned beef. We had all previously voiced our preferences and Ben had coded each type of roll with the initial of the person who had requested it - "B" for Ben, "C" for Cain, and "L" for me. The trouble is, from the time this morning when Ben carefully engraved each foil wrapped Roll with these initials, to the time over 4 hours later when it came to hand out these personalised snacks, the letters on each roll had somehow faded, do it was difficult to see who that roll was for. God forbid we tear down the fabric of time and space itself by unwrapping the foil and just looking to see what each roll contained.

Once we had eaten (and had a coffee from Costa - Costa, the only choice) we set off again. It was another three hours or so to Leigh and Jim's house, and it was still raining - joy!

While we were driving we encountered a long forgotten art; the waving child in the car in front. These days parents discourage their children from waving at other drivers in fear that the other driver might be a travelling paedophile, just waiting to ram a car, kill the parents, and abduct the children - as soon as they get a chance.

Fortunately, the parents in this car were sensible - or were oblivious to what their children were doing. What they were also oblivious to apparently, was eyewear fashion for children. The poor child who was waving was wearing what appeared to be swimming goggles. They were glasses, but were obviously purchased from the 'House of Nerd' eyeware warehouse. The child was waving desperately for help as the weight of his 4 inch thick glasses were giving him curvature of the spine. Sadly, we were too busy laughing to stop and help.

The rain kept falling, heavily in places (basically the ground) - but the electronic road signs did not encourage us. The messages that were being displayed were saying things like:

"Heavy Rain Sunday"
"This is nothing - Sunday will be much worse"
"The end of the world is nigh!"
"Swim for it!!"

Inspite of this, we carried on, and eventually reached Tillicoultry. It was great to see Jim and Leigh again, and it was like we had never been away. Sadly the greetings were short lived as we started talking about the I-Pads and iPhones, and then we all got our respective gadget out, and ignored each other.

Still, I'm sure it won't be like this all week........

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