Monday, 21 May 2012

McBlog - Day 11: Final Blog

This is a short one:

Left Leigh and Jim in Tillicoultry, and drove to Peterborough, where I left Ben and Cain back in the capable (and lovely) arms of Michelle, and drove back to Dorset.

But my destination was not my home, but the home of my girlfriend, Adrienne. I was under strict orders to get to her as soon as possible as she was missing me very much.

To be fair, it wasn't a difficult choice - come home to an empty home or go to my the warm welcoming arms of a woman that loves me.

This morning I came back to my home, had a cup of tea, tidied up, and then put on my walking boots - with the caked on mud from the Highlands still on them - and went out for a 7 mile walk. Now here I am sat at home writing the last Scotland Blog.

And so ends my 2012 Scotland holiday - such a good holiday, I had so much fun.

Until next year!

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