Monday, 5 March 2012

Welcome To My Blog Jennifer, Impending Second Assessment......And Barry - The Mug Nobody Loves

Firstly, a shout out: Hello Jennifer, and welcome to my Blog. Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my followers (and when I say followers, I mean people who follow my blog - not people who think I am some sort of messiah who will lead them to salvation, cups of tea, and Digestive biscuit), my regular readers, and random strangers from across the globe who somehow find themselves at my blog from time to time.

So, Jennifer - meet my audience. My audience - Jennifer.

Now already Jennifer, I can tell you that several assumptions would have been jumped to, all of which have a similar theme. Based on these assumptions, there will be three main notions rippling through the minds of my readers. These are:

• "Ooh, Larry has got himself a Girlfriend. About time too really - he is such a nice bloke, I'm glad he has finally met someone. Bless."

• "Larry has got himself a Girlfriend - it'll never last, She'll dump him sooner or later - they all do."

• "Dear god - he's trapped another one!"

So let me set you all straight: Jennifer is in my Sign Language class. She is a pensioner who enjoys reading, swimming, driving off road, and playing video games - Mario being a particular favourite.
Jennifer made the mistake of letting me talk about my Blog, and even asked for the web address. Which she is now regretting I would imagine.

Anyway - Jennifer, this is the type of drivel I write. It's pretty much like the drivel I spout during Sign Language.

Talking of Sign Language, the second of our three assessments for BSL 1 takes place in a weeks time, on Monday 12th March.

This time around we have to have a 5 minute, two-way conversation about a specific topic. We get to choose from three, and they are likely to be either Pets, Hobbies & Interests, or Family. The problem is, we don't yet know what the topics will be - we were hoping our tutor would find out by today and tell us tonight, but she hadn't. She said that she will check again tomorrow, and text us so can pick one.

Knowing my luck, the topics I'll get to choose from will be:

• Jaffa Cakes - Cake or Biscuit?
• The Global Financial Crisis
• Cubism is a metaphor for Society's failings - discuss.

An added pressure this time around will be the fact that our assessment will be video'd before being sent off to an external adjudicator. I suppose, if things are going badly, I could always trip over my chair or set my self alight and send the Video to "You've Been Framed" in the hope of making £250.

I'm sure it will be alright. It's up to me to practice and learn what I need to (once I know), so as long as I do that, I'll be okay.

And now for the silly portion of tonight's blog:

For Christmas this year I got from my Nephew a set of four mugs stacked together (see the picture below). Now I use these mugs all the time, and break them out whenever I have guests round. But I've noticed that I've never got to use them all, and the one at the bottom of the Stack - the red one called "Barry" - just doesn't get a look in.

All the other mugs have been used, and they all laugh at poor Barry, and call him names and tell him he smells. It must be quite a sad life for the Mug at the bottom of the stack.

I suppose I could rotate the colours in the stack, to ensure Barry gets to be used?

Naaah - too much like hard work.

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