Friday, 16 March 2012

This Is Not Goodbye. It Is Just That You Will Never See Me Again.

On March 16th 2011, I started writing this blog. Today's Blog is my 365th - completing one whole years worth of blogging.

On average, it takes me about an hour and a half to write each Blog. That means, that over the course of thus past year, I have been "Blogging" for 547 and a half hours. That is over 22 days worth - just over three weeks of continuous Blogging!

It has been quite a journey for me. This started out as a funny idea, but quickly became more than that. It became a huge part of my day - in fact in truth, often I would plan my day around it. I started scribbling notes of ideas as they came to me, and on the days where inspiration failed me, I in turn failed you my audience with a poor quality Blog.

I am ashamed and frustrated by the fact that there has been a definite drop off in quality in my Blogs. There is one simple reason for this: the death of my Laptop. For some reason, inspiration flowed more readily through me when I could type on a keyboard than when I tap the screen on my IPhone. And even though the difference is only one digit (I type on a keyboard using my index fingers only), it has not been the same using the Blogger App.

Incidentally, I reckon I could afford lose all my fingers except my index fingers and still be able to type at an acceptable level (to me). Of course, pressing Ctrl, Alt + Delete might be difficult.......

Since I started, my Blog has been viewed 12,629 times - that's 34 views per Blog. I'm quite proud of that fact - especially when you consider the diversity of topic.

The majority of my Blogs have been nonsense - silly ideas, my stupid interpretations of things, stuff like that. But I have also not been afraid to bare my soul to you. I've written this Blog from a few dark places, and have shared some very personal experiences. And I've shared these things because I wanted to be honest with you. Each of you take the time to click on the link I put on Facebook or Twitter (Larry1971 in case you want to follow me), so it is only right in my mind, that I be honest with you - I owe you that much at least.

I have Blogged about so many different things, that looking back at the list of Blog titles, I can't think what they are about. A few of my favourite things I've Blogged about are:

• My Father
• My Mother
• The Wedding of my lovely friends Jim and Leigh
• My Best Mate
• Cutting out 400g bars of Chocolate
• How urinating around your camp can protect you from Bears
• How injecting yourself with Garlic won't save you from a Vampire - but you will have the last laugh
• Last Years Holiday To Scotland
• My Adventures in Sign Language
• Numerous Blogs concerned with matters of the toilet

...and many, many more!

Some of you have been with me from the beginning, others have joined mid way through this year, and for some this very Blog will be the first one you've read. However long you've been here, let me say hello and thanks for stopping by. The good thing about writing 365 Blogs is that now I can go back to the start and read them all again! If you want to do the same, feel free - and you do, do me a favour? Everytime you visit one of my Blogs, could you just click on one of the adverts down the side? You see I get a couple of pence every time someone does that. So far I have earnt £27 - although I don't actually get any money until my earnings reach £60. I am saving up to try and get my laptop repaired, so as Tesco says, "We're going to muscle in, ruin local businesses, and become a blight on your community - mwahahahahaar!!!"

Or, "every little helps". I forget which. Either way, any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Although I am glad that I will no longer have to write a Blog every single day, I will miss Blogging. Therefore, I am not going to stop - at least not entirely. I am going to change this Blog from "everyday" to "every now and then" - the idea behind this is like easy origami - two-fold; I will only write my Blog when I have something worth while to Blog about, and subsequently, you will have a better quality Blog to read.

But what else will I do with my extra hour and a half every night? Well, I will need to step up my Sign Language practice, and will be doing more walking for exercise, so that will keep me busy. I am also thinking of writing another story - not a sequel to "Nonsense Tale", but something in a similar vein perhaps. I feel I have another story inside me - but that could just be indigestion.

But as for Larry: An Every Day Blog, this is the end. I do hope you have enjoyed reading them. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this, was to bring a bit of humour to my friends and family. And if even just one of you has ever smiled at something I have written, then I consider this Blog a success.

And if you really liked it, feel free to share it with your friends - I'm happy for anyone to read it. The more the merrier - literally, I hope!

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Yet again you have humoured this worthless fool and allowed him to express himself freely without scorn or criticism.

The Blog is dead. LONG LIVE THE BLOG!!

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  1. I have been blogging for nearly five years and I have done the "forced" publication on a daily basis for a month. Overall it is too much strain on my writing style, which is whimsical and emphasizes a grand global amount of silliness. Do keep writing, please. As far as ad revenue, some idiot somewhere destroyed my AdSense earnings by massively clicking my ads through no fault of my own, and the unresponsive non-humans at Google are totally unresponsive in restoring my few measely dollars which I had rightfully earned. Ho-hum.