Thursday, 8 March 2012

2 For 1 Blog - Part Two: Viva La Revolution!!

Disclaimer: The facts quoted in this Blog are all drawn from my brain, and may not be correct.

Claimer: I can make my ears squeak. FACT.

I've been thinking: Where will the next revolution come from?
I don't mean a military revolution, where a short moustached nutter decides to try an overthrow his local government.

And when I say local government, I'm not talking about Northampton Borough Council - although who is to say that there isn't a moustached, below average height, angry citizen plotting to overthrow the bourgeois regime that changed the day his bins were collected without notice.

Why are they always short and moustached? - is that one of the 'rules' of Military Revolution? Are you just not allowed to even start a revolution unless you either A) have a moustache, or B) are less than 5ft 4 tall?

Is 'moustached' even a word? To me it sounds more like something that happens to you:
"Yeah, this bloke in the pub started causing trouble, and I just told him to leave it when suddenly he just moustached me for no reason!"

And you know "Movember"? When men grow Moustaches and beards in November to raise awareness of Prostrate Cancer? I reckon that's also know as 'revolution season', because the number of short men with moustaches goes through the roof. And that is why the Government won't fully support it.

So, there is a revolution overdue - but where will it strike? Watch out for short men with a moustache in your area.....

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