Sunday, 4 March 2012

2 For 1 Blog - Part One: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is, Talking Myself Into a Bad Mood, and A Grand Night Out

Firstly, let me apologise (again). For the third consecutive weekend I've been forced to write two Blogs on a Sunday.

This is because I have managed to be busy on each of the three past Saturdays, and have not had time to write my Blog on those days. I wanted to explain this to you, rather than have you think I am just being lazy.

Do you even care?

Right: Money. Specifically, bank notes. I'd like to hold a little Poll - not a little Pole, as cuddling native midgets from Warsaw is not my thing - to gauge your opinion on something. Let me give a scenario:

You are in a shop, buying something for £2.79. You hand over £10, and get £7.71 change - a £5 note, two £1 coins, a 20 pence, and a 1 pence piece. When your change is handed to you, the coins are sat on the note which is on top of your receipt.

You put the money away, but it's a bit fiddly - the coins go in the little coin section of your wallet / purse, and the notes go in another part. But you have to hold the wallet / purse open with one hand and then try to sort the money out. You could tip the coins into their compartment, but there is the danger of them getting away from you and falling on the floor. You really need to get rid of the note for a second so you can pick the coins up and put them in the compartment - avoiding the risk of spilling them on the floor.

Now in that situation, I take the note and hold it between my lips whilst I sort the coins and receipt out. It's only there for a couple of seconds - but do you think that is a bad thing to do?

I have a friend of mine who thinks that it is disgusting to put that note in my mouth (between my lips anyway). She cites the fact that the note has been handled by thousands of other people since it was printed, and therefore is covered in untold germs and miscellaneous bacteria.

Bacteria? Or Bacterium? Or Bacterii? What is the correct term for more than one bacteria? Is it like Octopuses - Octopi? Or is it like Sheep - Sheep? Answers on a petri dish please......

Anyway, is it dirty to put banknotes in your mouth, or is my friend being over sensitive? I mean it's not like I'm opening the door to leave the gents toilets with my mouth, is it? You know that moment when you grab the handle and it is wet - and a little piece of you dies inside.

And obviously, I only use my mouth to hold money when I absolutely have to, when I don't have a free hand. I don't choose to walk around with money hanging out of my mouth like a Starling with an earthworm.

So let me know what you think: Is it dirty, or is it okay? And how do you deal with that situation?

Incidentally, doesn't the phrase "Put My Money Where My Mouth Is" sound like the dying confession of a miser with a lisp, who reveals that he secretly kept his fortune in his pet's cage?

Yesterday, I started my day in a good mood - but managed to talk myself into a horrible mood. I got up fairly early and went on a 7 mile walk. I listened to music on my IPhone, and set off quite happily. The music on my IPhone is upbeat - a mixture of genres, but nothing too sad or depressing.

Now when I walk, I think about stuff, and talk things through with myself. Well somehow yesterday, by the time I got back home I was in a foul mood. I had talked myself into thinking that I didn't need anybody in terms of relationships, that I didn't have any real friends that would go out of their way for me in the way that I (imagined) I would for them. I also convinced myself that it would be easy for me to up and move out of Dorset and just leave everyone I know behind.

And in truth, these negative thoughts and feelings came from a combination of frustrations about my personal life, regrets about mistakes I've made in the past, and the fact that my feet were sore from all the walking.

Fortunately, I soon came to my senses, and my normal cheery, handsome and enigmatic demeanour returned. And not a moment too soon!

I went out last night (oooh! Get me!) for the first time in ages. It was a simple plan: Meet up some friends in the pub for a swift pint, and then back to my friend's house to watch the boxing. That was the plan.

Of course, plans go awry - and this one went gorgeously wrong. When we met in the pub there were a group of people from the village I used to live in there, celebrating one of their's Birthday. I did a lot of greeting, and catching up with folk, and it was really nice. Then some friends from the village I live in now turned up, and much laughter and general
fabulousness was had. In the end, we stayed in the pub much longer than expected, but then still went back to my friends house to watch the boxing which he had recorded.

I stayed their until about 1am, and then walked slightly wobbly back home. I had a very, very enjoyable evening in the company of some super gorgeous people.

Good times!

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