Saturday, 10 March 2012

2 For 1 Blog - Part One: Bad

Yes I know - this is another one of my 'didn't get round to blogging on the actual day I was supposed to, so I'm writing two the next day' blogs.

I am sorry - I'm not having much luck of late.

You know those days when nothing seems to go right, and you end up resigned to the fact that it just isn't going to get any better? I had one of those yesterday.

I woke up to find that my bad back had returned. I suffer with Sciatica which manifests itself in my case by sending searing pain down my lower back, through the centre of my right buttock, and down my right leg. This pain makes it uncomfortable to walk, which in turn makes me over compensate with my other leg, and results in me walking liked I've soiled myself.
This back pain makes it painful to sit up, lean forward, lean back, put shoes on, take shoes off, reach for something, stretch, slouch, cough, fart, see, and even think apparently. I just hurt all the time.

So that wasn't good.

At work, I was stressed - for both work and non work reasons. Work wise we are behind on production and are waiting for components to be delivered so we can start production. I was preparing as best I could - but my painfully back meant I couldn't do much which was frustrating.
Non work wise, I was also trying to prepare for my second Sign Language assessment, which takes place next Monday. I'm struggling with it, and a small bit of panic was beginning to set in. I was finding it hard to concentrate which was only adding to my frustration.

We usually finish early on a Friday, at by 3pm I was home. Given this opportunity to rest my back, I of course stupidly did the opposite. I put on my walking boots and went out for a 7 mile walk. I say walk, it was more of a hobble / limp along in agony.

What usually takes me an hour and a half to do, took me two hours this time. Two hours of excruciating pain and blind stupid stubbornness culminating in me getting home with a pulled groin muscle to add to my woes.

I put the kettle on to make some coffee, and put the coffee and milk in a cup. As I put the milk back in the fridge I saw a packet of grated cheese. Having missed lunch, I took out a handful and started to eat it as I walked back to the kettle (now boiled) to add the water to my coffee.
Because this wasn't my day, a few gratings of cheese fell out of my hand into my coffee cup just as I poured the water in. I could have thrown the coffee away, I probably should have thrown the coffee away - but I didn't. With a sigh of resignation, I simply stirred my drink and sat down in the lounge.

I didn't stay there long because A) I needed to have a shower, B) sitting on the sofa wasn't doing my back any good, and C) coffee with a hint of cheese isn't that tasty. I limped, whimpering (or wimped, limpering) to the bathroom. I spent a brief penny, then hopped in the shower.

In truth, the shower helped quite a bit. The hot jets of water in my back soothed it just a little. And when I stepped out of the shower, I saw a tiny glimmer of hope with the notion that my day might improve with the slight alleviation of my back pain.

Of course, I immediately smothered that hope with my hand made blanket of despair. I had left my glasses on the window sill above the toilet, as I find wearing them in the shower an inconvenience at best. As I reached for them, the combination of my wet hand, poor motor skills, and fate saying "and now, for my next trick.." resulted in my knocking my glasses off the sill, and into the toilet - which was full of urine.

Now before you say "why didn't you flush it before you got in the shower?" Understand that I'm an advocate of that saying:
"If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down; if it's black, see your doctor. And if it's milky white. You have cataracts."

I was trying to save water, by not flushing pee. And now I was having to save my glasses.

With an exclamation of "Oh come off it!" I retrieved my specs. I washed them and my hands thoroughly under the tap, but still couldn't bring myself to wear them. Fortunately I have a spare pair. These of course are now my main pair, and my other pair will remain tucked away until I need them - by which time I would have forgotten about this incident.

Thankfully, that was the last bad thing that happened to me yesterday. It's 11:20am on Saturday morning as I type this. I'm still in bed, and I can still feel my back is painful. I don't know whether I will walk today, I shall see how things are when I get up. I've still got to practice for my Sign Language, so will no doubt be stressing about that later on.

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