Monday, 13 February 2012

To You.

In honour of Valentines Day tomorrow:

To the Women who have briefly (in the grand scheme of things) shared my life at one time or another, my thanks; You saw something redeeming in this fool, and we're willing to allow me to be part of your existence.

To the Women that I loved unrequited: the passion that burned for you, burned the brightest.

To the Woman whose love I threw away: I'm sorry - losing you will forever be my biggest regret.

To the Woman who brought me into this world: I love you mum, and miss you xx.

To that Girl on the bus all those years ago: Who knows what might have been?

To all my crushes: You were so beautiful, you took my breath away.

To those that judged this book by its cover: You don't know what you missed out on.

And to Love - who walks with me holding my hand, and also trips me up. Who makes me feel ecstatic, terrified, all conquering, helpless, foolish, inspired, desperate, empowered, joyful, and tearful - all at the same time:

I love you.

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