Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Time.......Teachers Are People Too?.....And Do Not Open a Card From Me

Can you believe that it will be March soon? Where does the year go?

It's the same ever year - you get through Christmas, and before you can say "Another Turkey sandwich? Yes please!" you are a quarter of the way through the following year.

Already I'm struggling to remember anything of partial significance that happened in January and February. I think there isn't even a real need to name those first two months, because they whizz by so fast that no-one remembers anything about them. Even people who have Birthdays in those months can't recall what they got, or how they celebrated because it is all a blur.

You might as well rename them "Huh?" and "Whassat?".

Talking of Teachers.....(nice seamless link eh?) I remember the first time I saw one of my teachers outside of School. I was at Primary School, so about Fourteen (I was kept back for the amusement of the staff - they loved watching me at Six foot plus trying to sit on one of those small chairs). I'm joking of course -I was Five or Six.

I was out shopping with my family - we always went as a group, to save our parents having to repeat the tales of their shopping exploits to any of us children who weren't there. Suddenly I saw one of my Primary School teachers out in town, and was genuinely shocked to see her. At that young age I honestly thought she only existed in the classroom, and that she lived in the school and never ventured out. To see her carrying a loaf of bread was mind boggling; as far as I knew, Teachers lived off chalk and the dust from Blackboard Erasers.

Which I know is also chalk, and yes I said Blackboard - I can say that, because that is what it was. And if anyone says that is not politically correct, they can get a life, and get out more.

But the concept of Teachers as real people? Mental.
Plus if I met any of my old teachers today, I would still call them 'Sir' or 'Miss'. None of this first name business.

I'm developing a bad habit. Recently when sending someone a card, I've either chosen an inappropriate card, or have written something quite wrong inside it, which doesn't quite convey the tone accurately.

Last year it was my Brother in law's Birthday. So what did I do? Sent him an "In Sympathy" card with the message:
'You're married to my Sister - I'm so sorry,'

Technically, not the card to send -but luckily for me, I got away with it.

Well, I have struck again. It is my Nephew's Birthday on Sunday, and I have just written his card out ready for posting. I wrote the usual stuff - have a lovely day blah blah - but then got the idea to write this:

Birthdays are a lot like a poo;
Sometimes they take ages to come, and sometimes they come along really fast.
And sometimes they are painful with sweetcorn in.

My Nephew is 14 (or 13 - I don't know, he's my Sister's kid; she deals with that stuff), and that is not really appropriate.

I don't know why I do it - maybe its a cry for help.

Trouble is, no-one is listening.

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