Sunday, 5 February 2012


This is likely to be a short post as I haven't got much to say.

It's been a quiet day today - in the absence of snow to complain about, people haven't been saying much. I did however, do my third 7 mile walk of the weekend - although this was extremely painful. Because I've got great big flat feet, the weight distribution isn't even and I wear away the heel part of any footwear I wear. This also gives me blisters, which are really painful.

When I walk, I wear walking boots (my ballet shoes don't go with any of my walking gear) and I have worn away the insole and given myself blisters at the same time. So I have worn two pairs of socks to cushion my feet a bit. This worked for a while, but I was still having pain when walking. So then I bought new insoles - Memory Foam insoles which, according to the packaging are like 'a mattress for your feet'.

To be fair, they are super comfortable - although the warped side of me worry that if these insoles were truly like mattresses for my feet, then my feet my fall asleep, I fall over, and nearly break my ankle.

So I tried these insoles. They worked initially, but I give my boots such a pounding that the insoles were squashed down by the time I had finished.

Today I wore three pairs of socks in an attempt to cushion my feet adequately. I am happy to say that my heels were protected beautifully, and remained blister free. My toes however were so crushed that I had to stop half way round and remove the third, outer sock. But even then, by the time I got home my poor toes were horribly blistered.

I think I need to get bigger walking boots - size 13 I think.

Or I could just wear the box they come in.......

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