Thursday, 23 February 2012

Death, Dreams, And.....Development Defers Decline in Successful Mafia Hits

I really should shower more often.

Not to say that I don't shower frequently as it is, you understand. What I mean is that after an evening knowing I've got to write my blog yet struggling to think of a suitable subject, I take a shower - and hey presto! Ideas fall on my brain like the the drops of water from my shower. Within minutes I was working through some ideas - and at the same time was lovely and clean and smelling gorgeous, Ladies......raowwrrr!

(Ahem) sorry about that.

So....... Death. Comes to us all, we can't avoid it. But what happens after we die? Now, I am not going to get into any arguments about religion - mainly because I am not articulate or intelligent enough to convey what I mean clearly enough to make sense. Everything I am about to say is purely what I feel, and believe personally. So please don't take offence. Well you can if you like - but I do not mean any offence.

I believe in God in a spiritual way. I don't believe that he actually created the Earth. I know about the Big Bang etc. (I've heard of it). I carry God with me in my heart, but I do not go to Church on a Sunday - although, the last time I went to Mass I found the peace and tranquility a great comfort.
I also believe in Heaven - I believe that we go somewhere, or our souls do, after we die. I believe that my parents, and all those I have lost are there - and that they look down upon me. I do not like the thought that there is just nothing, just blackness waiting for us when we die. We all have a consciousness, which is more than the electrical impulses from our brain that make our muscles move. We are more than physical beings.

I am also partial to a couple of other ideas regarding what happens after we die.
Firstly, I could quite easily think it was possible that when we die, we get to start another life as another person. We could be a different sex or ethnicity and live in another part of the world, with no memory of any past existence.
Secondly, and furthermore, it think it conceivable that our 'next life' could happen at anytime in the past, and not just the present. This may sound far fetched, but it is only my opinion. I don't fully know how time might work. For all I know it might be possible to re-start a new existence after I die two hundred years earlier. I like the idea of being able to come back - even if I never knew I had 'lived' before.

Like I said, these were the thoughts that came to me in the shower tonight. Most of you will think them (and me) weird - and I can see where you are coming from. All I do know for definite is that when I do die - many years from now - I will be reunited with my parents, and my uncles and aunts, and everybody I knew that has passed away in my lifetime. That is what I believe.

Question: Is there a difference between being unconscious after falling asleep, and being unconscious after getting smacked over the head with a bottle?

Do you dream when you are unconscious just like when you are asleep? Or is it different because the state of unconsciousness is 'forced' upon you when you get knocked out, rather than you slipping into it as you fall deeper asleep. ?

I honestly can't say one way or the other? My instinct tells me no - but I can't quantify why.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know.

The Mafia - always sending people to "Sleep with the fishes". But was there a period of 'research and development' where they finally came up with encasing the feet of the victim in concrete?

Are there a multitude of Mafia informants in the Witness Protection Programme, alive purely because they were given Polystyrene shoes, or an overcoat made of arm bands? The mafia must have worked their way through loads of other materials before settling for concrete.

Surely ?

Well that is it for today. Tomorrow is Friday - and payday, so I'm in a good mood.

Hope you are too'

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