Saturday, 4 February 2012


Before I start today's blog let me just say that I know my previous blog covered the events of Sunday 29th January, and that this blog is about today (Saturday 4th Feb). I haven't bothered writing a blog about the days in between because frankly, nothing worth writing about has happened.

True, I helped a friend avoid being butchered to death by his partner amidst various components of flat packed furniture, and I got my new phone, and was truly humbled by the generosity and depth of friendship shown by certain people.

But apart from that, nothing to report.

Now, unless you have no senses whatsoever, you cannot fail to notice that recently it has been a tiny wee bit less warm than we would like. In fact, it's been so cold, that bits of me have lost feeling altogether, bits have turned blue, and other bits have shrivelled up to a size not seen since I was six months old.

However, never let it be said that a bit of cold (a lot of cold) stopped me doing what I had to do.
(Also, never let it be said that I am hung like a Finch)

At 7:30 this morning, when (according to my IPhone) it was -9 degrees outside, I got up and went on a 7 mile walk. Although bitterly cold, the Dorset countryside was beautiful and serene. And I had it all to myself - I didn't see another soul until I was just over half way through my walk, and that was a woman walking her two dogs - one of which was a 13 year old, arthritic, nearly blind Bearded Collie that had to have it's coat trimmed short because it was I'll, and so was really not enjoying being out for a walk in such temperatures. That dog had my sympathies.

I doggedly (see what I did there?) carried on and eventually returned home. I spent a few minutes removing my walking boots and then heard the call of nature. I went into the bathroom and discovered that my hands wee so cold that I was unable to undo my jeans. As my needs involved sitting down, I began to panic as the potentially unsanitary repercussions of my situation flashed through my head. Thankfully, a resolution presented itself; as a direct result of the miles and miles I have walked as part of my get fit regime, I have lost some weight. Subsequently, I was able to slide my jeans down - thus allowing me to "do the needful". Unfortunately, this did nothing to increase the temperature in my hands, so when it came to cleaning up I had the dexterity of a man wearing boxing gloves trying to get peanuts out of a egg cup. Eventually I got the job done - and that is all I have to say on that.

I had a busy morning after that; I went to Blandford shopping, via the recycling centre. I had offered to take the rubbish from the recent assembly of flat packed furniture for my friend Alyn. I was a little late, as I A) had a little trouble remembering where my car was, and B) was delayed giving a young lady my mobile number. Nonetheless, I got there in the end and did my good deed.

Incidentally, as cold as it has been today, nothing was a cold as the can of anti-freeze that was in my car that I had to use to clear my windscreen. I only held it for a few seconds, and lost the feeling in my fingers.

That's what she said.

And as I type this, the snow is starting to fall - and settle a bit. This is only a passing flurry (which sounds like a drive-by at McDonald's), and will be replaced by rain later tonight. This snow is on its way to Essex and the South East of the country - so if you are reading this from that area, watch out!

And that is me done for this blog - I'm off out later to watch the Scotland vs England game in the Six Nations with some friends.

Whatever you do, have a good one!

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