Thursday, 9 February 2012

Blood And Tears (No Sweat)

Today has been a good day - apart from a bit in the middle when I nearly managed to make it a crap day.

This morning I took one more step to becoming even more amazing than I already am. I went to the Doctor's to have samples of my blood taken. The reason I am having this done is to see whether I am suitable to Donate either Bone Marrow of Stem Cells.

So I went to the Doctors with the Blood Sample taking kits that NHS Blood and Donation sent me. When I got in to see the nurse there was a but of confusion when she opened up both kits and took the contents of each out and laid them all out together - and then realised that they had to be kept separate as they were going to be sent to different locations (Sweden and Bristol apparently). For a brief moment we were both picking through the various paraphernalia saying "does this go with kit 1 or kit 2?" In the end we got it sorted, and were ready to proceed.

Now, I must say that I was very impressed with the "tools" used for drawing the blood from my vein. There was no mess, no wastage, nothing. There's nothing worse than having a blood sample taken and they slop half of it on the floor, so that you slide all over the place when you get up to leave. Don't you think?

But not this time. This time it was quick, painless, and very interesting. The nurse took eight samples ( nearly an armful!) in total, five of which were to be couriered to Sweden, and three which had to be posted in a pre-paid envelope to Bristol. The courier had been pre-booked to come to the Doctor's surgery within half a day of my appointment - so by Midday today.

I offered to post the Kit to Bristol, and so took the box away with me. I must admit I found it a little unnerving to hold that small, warm cardboard box when I knew that the heat was coming from the freshly 'harvested' samples of my own blood inside.

If that was the heat generated by three vials of human blood, then stabbing someone to death must make you really hot. I bet Jack The Ripper was sweating like a pig when he went about mutilating women.....

I posted the box safely, and now just have to wait to hear if I am suitable to donate.

And tonight was pretty amazing too. Quite simply my ex girlfriends children, Harriet and Stanley Udell - along with Harriet's bloke Jerry came over for a curry night. It was really nice seeing them again, and along with good food we had good conversation and a real laugh.

However when they came to leave, I did get a bit sad - and even had to fight back a tear when I gave Harriet a hug. It's soppy I know, but although I see them fairly regularly I do so miss them being in my life like they used to be. They will always hold a very special place in my heart.

And that was today!

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