Monday, 6 February 2012


Well, I'm really nervous now.

Tonight was the last Sign Language Class before our first assessment - BSL101 - this Saturday, the 11th February.
For this assessment we have to have a five minute two way conversation with our Deaf assessor, and will be expected to know the following:

• Greetings - Hello, good morning, how are you etc.
• Use and recognise simple questions: What is your name, where do you live, what family do you have etc.
• Describe a range of weather.
• Use and recognise ways of asking for clarification: Again please, slowly please etc.
• Use and recognise the signs for People's ages, time, money, and dates.
• Fingerspelling.
• Give simple directions.
• Use and recognise signs for describing methods of travel.

This will be a two way Sign Language conversation and we will be expected to ask at least three questions.
It should be fine - we have covered everything listed above in the previous weeks. However, just running through it tonight, I seemed to be drawing a lot of blanks. I'm sure it's just nerves, but I will be frantically swotting up this week in preparation for Saturdays Assessment.

And we don't find out for 6 weeks whether we have completed it or not. Torture!

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