Thursday, 5 January 2012

You'll Know if I'm Getting Drunk - My Eyes Will Catch Fire

Tonight on 'Weird Things That Happen When I Drink": The Combustability of eyes when Red Wine is drunk.

I've had a bottle of Red wine tonight. I had to drink it, as I had opened it to use some of its contents in my cooking earlier, and as we all know Red wine goes off within 4 hours of being opened.

So I had three glasses of red wine tonight - but I noticed a strange side effect; my eyes got hot.

I was halfway through the bottle when I distinctly remembered feeling hot in the eye department. The heat was not coming from around the eyes, but from the eyes themselves. I was sitting there with a glass of red wine in my hand and hot eyeballs in my head.

I'm assuming this is normal? After a while the heat decreased and was replaced by an all over feeling of warm fuzziness. Coincidentally, the bottle of wine was finished around this time too.

I don't know if heated eyeballs are a common side effect of drinking Red wine, but I must admit - it wasn't a totally unpleasant experience...

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