Monday, 23 January 2012


I bet you are all wondering what V.A.R.B stands for....

Well, it could mean: Viagra Addicts Ravish Boots....

Or it might mean: Vietnamese Anagram Robot Beaten.....

It could even mean: Ventriloquist's Autopsy Reveals Buggery....

However, it doesn't.

In actual fact, V.A.R.B stands for: Voice Activated Random Blog. Yes, once again I have pushed back the boundaries of blogging technology, tripped them up, and stolen their lunch money. Today, for the first time ever, I will be 'writing' my blog without the use of a keyboard!

(If you could all make the sound of a fanfare now please, that would be lovely - thanks.)

You see I have discovered on my phones keypad, a button with a microphone symbol on it. When I press and hold this button, the option to "speak now" appears on screen - and whatever I say is transferred into text. So, I should be able to dictate this blog (or at least the rest of it - everything so far has been typed) quickly and easily. Well, here goes.....

tonight  I went back  to sign language class. This was the first time that I had been back since before christmas. I found that  I had forgotten a lot more than I thought I had.

Okay, I've stopped there and have started typing again because I am having to correct quite a bit. The paragraph above is not how my phone translated what I said - I had to go back and manually correct the mistakes. I am speaking slowly, and only three words at a time - but still there are mistakes. To give you an idea, I will type a short paragraph, and then repeat it exactly using the voice recognition stuff.

(Typed): It has been rainy today, and fairly cold. I had sausage and mash for tea. It was very nice. Tomorrow my car is going in for its M.O.T. I hope it passes without trouble.

(Spoken): it has beans rainy today and barely cold. I had sausage and mash 4 t. it was very nice. tomorrow in my car is going in for it's m o t. I hope it coffee is without trouble.

You get an idea of the errors the software makes. In fairness, by the time I have corrected the mistakes, I could have typed the sentence myself.

it seems the boundaries have got up kick me in the nuts and blow my nose  (spoken)

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