Friday, 13 January 2012

Time Lapse Blogtography

Hello, and welcome to a slightly different blog. It's not different in the way I have written it, or in the subject matter (the usual load of waffle and pish - to use an old expression), but there is definitely something going on that hasn't happened before.

Those amongst you who have been following my blog from the beginning will remember that I briefly dabbled in the dark art that is video blogging. There was a degree of success in that, although I will admit that sitting down and thinking about what I type invariably ensures a better end product than when I stand in front of a video camera and try to waffle. It's not much of a better end product, but at least I'm honest.

But what has this got to do with today's blog? I am again being filmed whilst I blog - but this time I am writing my blog while being filmed. And its not just any old sort of filming, oh no: this is Time Lapse filming. As I type, my mobile is taking snap shots of me every five seconds. When I have finished typing this blog I will add the time lapse video of my writing my blog so you can all see the weird facial expressions I pull as the creative juices churn out the rubbish that I type. I have absolutely no idea how the time lapse video will turn out - but it is a new app on my phone, so I am going to experiment.

So, now that we all know what is going on, let me start today's blog:

I'm a little peeved to be honest. I was hoping to finish early enough to go and do my 7 mile exercise walk. The walk takes me approximately an hour and a half to do, so having one eye on the sunset time (I don't really want to have to walk in the dark), I had hoped to be out of here by 1 - 2pm latest. To be fair, I usually manage to get away early on a Friday - but not this week it would appear. We have some stock that needs to be QC checked, so won't be leaving anytime soon. It's not the end of the world, it just means that I'll have to do two 7 mile walks tomorrow. In case you are wondering why I am doing so much walking, it is purely and exercise thing. I suffer with a bad back so stuff like running is out of the question, but walking I can manage. I have got a bit squidgy around the middle recently (since the age of about 30 I suspect), and I want to get back to my former trim (well, less squidgy) self if I can. So every weekend - and potentially every day when the nights get longer - I will be walking as much as I can.

Being at work, I am able to write today's blog on my pc, rather than use the app on my phone. Whilst I am pleased about this, using the pc is not without problems. The current problem I am facing is the fact that the blogger website keeps thinking that I have logged out, and it tells me that I have to log back in to continue writing my blog. If I click "ok" to log back in, I lose all the typing I have done since the website last saved my blog (it automatically saves your work as you type every few minutes). So what I have to do is copy everything I have typed so far, click "OK", log back in, open the blog I was typing (which is saved as a draft) and then paste everything I had copied back into the blog template and carry on. At this moment in time, I have done this four times.

I'm just going to pull a few faces at my phone - keep an eye out for them in the time lapse video.

That's that done. :-)

Okay, what else to talk about? As you might appreciate, I need to be filmed typing this blog for quite some time in order for the time lapse video to be of any decent length. I suppose I could just sit here pretending to type something, but that would just look sad. Whereas filming myself typing my blog and then posting the video of me filming myself typing this blog on my blog, isn't?

I just had to pause the recording then to check how long it had been going - 24 minutes already! And then when I went to put my phone back in the same position to record (stood in my desk tidy), I couldn't get it to sit straight. As I had already pressed record, there might be one or two images at a weird angle.

So let's get on and finish this blog so I can upload the video. I went round to my friends house last night for a catch up. We briefly discussed his upcoming wedding - I am going to be an Usher, and have absolutely no idea what my responsibilities are. However, I do get to wear a proper wedding suit with tails and all that and I am really looking forward to it. If you think I look handsome in my everyday clothes, wait until you see me in a wedding suit - I will blow you away!

If you don't think I look handsome normally, you have no taste.

We also touched on the subject of the stag night, which I am also looking forward to - partly because I don't have to organise it. I cannot say where or when it will be, because I don't know. But it is all good.

Right, that's enough typing - here is the time lapse video of me writing this blog:

Well, this is embarrassing. Apparently there is a problem uploading the video to this blog. But fear not - those of you who know me on Facebook can see the video on my Facebook page. I will post it right after I post this blog.

Apologies for not being able to put the video in here.

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