Monday, 2 January 2012

Thanks Christmas - We Should Do This Every Year

So its back to work for me tomorrow, and for most of us. Many of us have already gone back to work - which makes that previous sentence stupid. If many of us have already gone back to work already, how can most of us be returning to work tomorrow? You can't really use 'most' and 'many' in the same sentence successfully. You can have 'a few', or 'some' with either 'most' or 'many' - but you can't have 'many' and 'most' together, it doesn't sound right.

So, work tomorrow. I will be glad to get back into a routine, but I have enjoyed this Christmas and New Year immensely.

As for new years resolutions? I have not made any in earnest. I am starting the year by giving up chocolate (gasps of shock and a couple of faintings from my audience). I just feel at this point that it is what I want to do. Part of it is with a view to being more healthy, and I am also increasing my exercise with the same aim. My will power will be tested however, as I collected today a belated Christmas present from a friend - a tin of Chocolates. I have not succumbed to their sweet temptation, and in fact am finding having the tin around inspiration to abstain from eating them.

On that basis, I must have a woman stashed away here somewhere.....

Apart from the no chocolate rule, I have no other resolutions. I have a few goals however, some of which I have shared with folk and some that are private and for me to know only.

I should have made one a 'go to sleep early the night before returning to work' rule, as it is 11:36pm and my alarm is set for much earlier than I have been used to getting up to recently.

So on that note, goodnight and if tomorrow is your first day back, I hope it eases you back into your work routine gently :-)

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