Thursday, 12 January 2012

Parsnip And Turnip

I have two very special people in my life who - to save their embarrassment - shall be known as Parsnip and Turnip for the duration of this blog.

I've not known Parsnip and Turnip very long really - only as long as I have been living where I am now - but they have become very good friends of mine, and very dear to me. They are a bit hard to describe, but I'll have a go:

Parsnip is a bit like me in that they are a worrier at times, and will keep thinking about stuff for way too long - either before the event, or for long afterwards. Parsnip is very good at their job, but works far too hard and brings work home too much. Parsnip needs to find a way to let off steam.
Parsnip has a heart of gold, and would do anything to help if it was needed. In fact, Parsnip would put others before itself everytime. Parsnip has a great wit and sense of humour, and can exchange banter with the best of them. Most of my most precious.memories in recent times have been created in the Company of Parsnip and her Fiance. I have met many people a lot worse than Parsnip - but very few better.

Turnip, is a bit of a mystery really. I only met Turnip through Parsnip, but Turnip made a huge impact on me - mainly because my normally hilarious sense of humour didn't appear to raise any sort of smile on Turnip's face. And in a weird way, I liked it.
I don't know much about Turnip's background, and have only had my personal experience to go on, but from what I have seen so far I can tell that Turnip has the appearance of having a fun loving, little bit crazy temperament - but underneath I know that Turnip is a hugely caring and kind person who cares massively about those people important to it - especially Parsnip.
The trouble is, is that Turnip is also very attractive, and great to be around - which I find very pleasantly distracting. Sadly, we met in the wrong lifetime - but if things were different, they would be different.

So there you have Parsnip and Turnip - two very special people who have made my life immeasurably better ever since they came into it.

Thanks guys xxx

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