Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Omnibus Blog; A Prelude

Well, as you can tell I am back in the land of the living - in terms of communication, anyway. I am pleased to tell you that I am typing this blog on my new mobile phone, the very smart and shiny iPhone 4. It is very cool, and I do love it so.

Typically, during the four days that I have been unable to blog, quite a lot has taken place. However, now is not the time to regale you with those details - mainly because it is late, and i just don't have the energy to write about all that went on.
But don't worry, from tomorrow I shall tell all. I will have to break it down into each day as there is quite a lot to tell you, so you're not going to get it all in one go.

But that is tomorrow; for now, let me tell you about today.

I started the day not knowing if my phone would arrive today or not. When I arranged the upgrade last week, I was told that I would get an email confirmation of my order and details of when I might expect to receive it, roughly (and when I mean receive it roughly, I mean approximately - not have it shoved in an orifice!). So far I had not received any email and, although enjoying the steadily increasing feeling of liberation that being without a mobile gives you, I needed to know where my new phone was.
I rang Orange customer services and was told that apparently my phone was out for delivery today - but they couldn't tell me the time window in which I might receive it. The customer services person did say that I would have been sent a text yesterday notifying me of the delivery being due. I politely explained that as my current phone had died, and would not turn on, sending me a text was of little use. However, there was nothing else they could do. Delivery of the phone could only be made to my home address, and if I missed the delivery, only then could I re-arrange it to a different address.
The customer service person then thanked me for calling Orange, and asked if there was anything else they could help me with.

Surprisingly, there wasn't.

And then, my luck changed.

A couple of hours later, my office phone rang. It was a courier driver looking for my home address. He had my iPhone. By some miracle, this driver had delivered to my workplace on a few previous occasions, and he recognised my name. So he rang the office, spoke to me, and I got him to deliver my iPhone to my work.


I spent the last hour or so of my working day setting up my phone, and generally playing with it. On first impressions (and remember; I don't do impressions), it is a tasty bit of kit. I downloaded a few essential Apps - the Blogger App, Facebook, and Endomondo - the sports tracking App.

However, when I got home, I wasn't able to explore my new toy further.
I had been invited over to my friends house in my old village for dinner, and to help them assemble some flat packed furniture. Knowing what fabulous cooks (and people) they are, how could I refuse?

So I didn't.

Dinner was Asian Fusion in origin, and involved chicken and noodles, and sauces and lots of wonderful ingredients. I was given the option of using Chopsticks to eat with, but I couldn't get the hang of them. The closest I got to controlling them was to get the rear of the chopsticks to open and close - that's the end held in my hand. I thought to call this method 'reverse chopstick' - but then thought that it sounded too much like a sexual position.

After dinner, we tackled the furniture. It wasn't the toughest of things to assemble - a table and six chairs - but it was a combined effort, and not the easiest in places.

The hard work finished, I was treated to a bowl of banana in custard, which was very delicious. I did say however, that I would have been just as happy with just a bowl of custard. But that is me.

Having done my good deed by helping out, and by being rewarded with good food and even better company, I said my goodbyes, and came home.

And that was today - the day I rejoined the technological existence of society.

It's good to be back!!

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