Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Today this blog has reached another Milestone - 10,000 page views. That equates to approximately 32 pages views per blog (yesterdays was blog number 310 - 310 x 32 = 9,920). Now while that isn't the largest following in the world - the Largest following ever recorded was a Blue Whale that followed a single Krill home, smashed its doors in and then ate it and its entire family - it does show that I have a dedicated group of followers, whose loyalty means more to me than I can say.

It also says that on average, 32 of you every day had nothing better to do.

What has also become apparent is that I have only 55 days more daily blogging to do before I get a break. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the extra hour to an hour and a half a night I will have - perhaps I will find a new hobby to throw myself into. A swimming pool full of Lingerie models - I've always wanted to throw myself into that........

If you think about it, this blog has been a little like a relationship. At first it was fresh and exciting, then as time went on, it settled into a rhythm of comfortableness. Now it's become a chore and I am a little resentful of it and can't wait to be rid of it.

Who says romance is dead? Single people.

Going back to my followers (I sound like a cult leader now), I still can't work out how I get random people from across the globe reading my blog. Yesterday, I had someone from Brussels read a blog from March 2011, and I have had readers from Panama, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, a shed load from the United States of America, Russia, all over the place. I am intrigued as to what you have to put into a search engine to end up on my blog (apart from "Drivel", "Rubbish" etc.).

Incidentally, wouldn't it be fabulous if a Search Engine was the ultimate modification for your car? You just get in, say where you want to go to i.e. "work" or "Brother's House", and WHAM! you disappear and then reappear at your destination. Think the car from 'Back To the Future', but instead of time travel, you just got anywhere in the current time instantly. Well, I guess that is a sort of time travel - but you know what I mean.

That entire paragraph popped into my head as I typed "search engine" in the previous paragraph. Isn't the mind incredible?

Although my blog will be going from "Every Day" to "Every Now and Then", I hope that you will keep following me. In truth it is likely to be in your best interests, as I will only write when I have something worth writing about and therefore the quality of my blog should improve. I cannot make any promises though, and you should all be prepared for a continuing stream of written garbage - only less frequent. Maybe not a stream, more like a brook - or a trickle even. A trickle of written garbage - or a leaky tap of non-read worthy  nonsense.

However you want to describe it, I do appreciate your loyalty.

So, here I am typing this at work while I wait for a call back regarding a delivery that should have been made, but apparently wasn't. I know the goods in question left us here, and have asked the haulier to get me a proof of delivery. I hope that my customer has a "bod" that works in his goods in that has received the goods in question, but has not updated his system. If it turns out that the haulier has lost it, then I might.

Update: The haulier has a signed proof of delivery - so hopefully someone in Liverpool will be getting a punch shortly.

This means I can also go home soon, and won't have to stay here waiting......I seem to do a lot of waiting here, I don't know why. And what is on the cards for me tonight? mainly, Two MASSIVE jacket potatoes - but also more Sign Language revision, and a bit of chilling out. I'll have more time on my hands as I have already written my blog for today.

One final note: I am sorry that recently my blogs have been a jumble of random ideas and not about a specific subject. I'm just not getting any real inspiration lately - perhaps my mind is elsewhere.....

Anyway, I'm sorry. I will try harder.

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