Monday, 9 January 2012

I'd Have Never Had Made It Through The War

I'm hungry.

I've been hungry for pretty much most of the day - except for breakfast (cup of tea and two Weetabix), lunch (Cup-A-Soup), and Dinner (Jacket Potato and Beans.

The trouble is, that I have exhausted my December wages, and have only got enough food in to (just about) last me until next payday, when I shall once again stock my cupboards with a multitude of edible delights.

However, until that time, I have to ration what I eat. The problem with that is that I'm eating less than I am used to. That is not without its benefits - I do weigh 16st 6lbs (230 lbs) - but it is difficult to maintain. For example; after tonights dinner of Jacket Potato and beans, I was still hungry - so I opened and consumed a tin of tuna. That tuna should have been destined to be another meal over the coming days, but now I will have to rethink my meal options. Because of tonight I may well have to end up eating pasta with Wholegrain mustard one night.

My only hope is that my appetite adjusts quickly to this enforced rationing. I think it will - and the benefits will be two fold; not only will I lose the flab that clings to my gut like a teenager clings to stupidity, but when I come to buy more groceries I will either spend less because I eat less, or spend what I normally spend - but see the food last twice as long!

Everybody wins!

But mainly me.

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