Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Good Day - Though You Wouldn't Know It.

If you had the undeniable pleasure of looking at my handsome face all today, you would have sworn that I was in a bad mood.

To some extent, you would have been right.

I woke up this morning both physically and metaphorically, with a grim feeling of determination. My first 'Tweet' today included an immortal quote from Bender Rodriguez of Futurama fame: "Bite My Shiny, Metal Ass!". That was exactly how I felt about life the universe and everything.

I spent all day at work with my 'serious' face on (I'm still wearing it now), being grimly determined and determinedly grim. Then, as I grimly walked home for lunch, I drop my phone and all the parts that can come away from each other, did - along with a few that shouldn't. My phone still works, but now turns itself off randomly. Although this did nothing to imorove my demeanour, it did prompt me to look into upgrading my phone. As it turned out I was eligible to upgrade, so I did. I upgraded to an IPhone, which is what I have wanted for a while now.

My working day over, I walked home and cooked dinner, which was very nice. In the process, I burnt my thumb on the oven - but that didn't stop my enjoyment of the food.

And that brings me to now. If you were to see me right now, you would say "what's the matter with you?", aswell as "why are you blogging in your socks, boxers, and a t-shirt?"

But I wouldn't care. I decided to write this blog as I was halfway between changing out of my work clothes, and into my home clothes. But none of that is anyone's business but mine.

Tomorrow I shall be back to my normal funny, handsome self - but I will keep an undertone of grim determination.

I like it.

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