Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I'm struggling for ideas here people. To be honest, I'll be glad when the 16th March gets here and this every day blog becomes an every now and then blog.

It doesn't help that I am cold - I've got the heating on, but for some reason my feet and legs, and my left hand are cold - as if they are in a draft. But I'm upstairs on my bed and the windows are closed with the curtains drawn. And if you want to know what my right hand is doing, it is cradling my head and neck as I type this. I will definitely be having a hot water bottle tonight.

And the coldness will contonue - at least tomorrow. And I'm working most of tomorrow in our warehouse, which will be freezing. It was really cold in there today, so I shall be wearing extra layers, and smearing Deep Heat all over.

There's a nice image for you.

But I am afraid to say that I have no definitive subject to talk to you about, and for that I am sorry. But not so sorry that I am going stay lying on this bed with parts of my body getting colder and colder from the mysterious draft that I cannot find.

Maybe I'm imagining all this - or maybe it is all a dream.......

Bugger - It's not.

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