Sunday, 4 December 2011

Woodpigeon Domination

It turns out that my bird feeder stand/table/thing is actually working. Just not in the way I hoped.
Today I saw a bird at my bird feeder for the first time. Sadly it wasn't a Goldfinch, or a Robin, or a Bluetit, or a Golden Eagle (that would be SO cool). Instead it was a very fat, very common Woodpigeon.

As it sat there, fat and feathery, pecking at the piece of bread, I couldn't help but loathe it a little, and think about all the little birds that might not be getting a look in because this bloated Avian bully had staked its claim on my bird feeder stand.

I hope I'm wrong, and hope that the Woodpigeon I saw today was just a passing opportunist.

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