Friday, 16 December 2011

Vaginal Prolapse, Sex Toys For Horses, and A Lovely Warm Feeling

Tonight didn't go exactly as planned.

I had hoped to enjoy an evening out with my friends Alyn, Emma and their baby daughter Fern. Unfortunately, Emma and Fern would only appear later on to collect Alyn and myself from the pub.

That being said, an evening with Alyn in the pub is not to be missed. Not only is he articulate, but he is also intelligent, knowledgeable, and silly enough to be perfect company.

Tonight we discussed many things, including; Vaginal and Anal Prolapse - what they were, and how they could hinder a long car journey; The Ann Summer's range of sexual bridles for the adventurous couples - and whether horses ever used human paraphernalia to heighten sexual pleasure e.g. shoes or ties etc.

Our conversation wasn't all sexually biased. I also discovered that any allergic reaction that affects the breathing or the throat is called an Analphalactic reaction - and is not limited to reactions from bee or wasps stings.

Alyn learnt the Sign Language sign for "Cauliflower".

All too soon it was time to go home. The very lovely Emma came to pick us up, and shortly afterwards dropped me off near home.

Alyn and Emma have been so very kind to me this last year or so, and they are very special to me. I'm not afraid to say that I love them very much.

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