Sunday, 18 December 2011

Not Getting What I Paid For, and Getting Something I Didn't

It is true what they say: You can't get the staff.

This morning I went to Yeovil to buy the final few Christmas presents on my list. Not MY list - if I have my own Christmas list then something has gone very wrong.
One of the presents was a video game, and I made it my mission to get this present first. Being fabulous, this was achieved easily. Feeling smug, I carried on and finished the rest of my shopping, and went home. The whole shopping trip was completed in two hours.

I always go to Yeovil early in the day. I do this for a number of reasons: the availability of car parking spaces, the reduced number of other shoppers getting in the way, and the ability to do something else with my day other than shop.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when I got home and discovered that the stupid girl in the shop had given me an empty display case rather than the game I paid for.

No, I was much less pleased than that.

My second trip to Yeovil was much less fun. The world and his wife, his wife's sister, her four kids, and their annoyingly yappy dog were out in force. I couldn't find a car parking space for ages, and when I did find one the car next to me was obviously parked by a driver with a Passion for parking at odd angles.

I went back to the shop, and well stuff my turkey if they didn't remember me. Apparently, they laughed quite a lot when they realised their innocent mistake. Just like I would laugh as I punched them repeatedly in the face. Luckily (for them) I kept my temper, and got the game. After a short wait in the car park while a 4X4 driver struggled to drive into a car parking space, I escaped the madness and drove home.

However, my luck was not about to change.

I popped to my local Co-op to get.some bits, and when I went to pay, the cashier very helpfully packed the carrier bag for me.
When I got home, however, I found that the cashier had also packed and old, dirty, snot filled handkerchief in my carrier bag.
I have no idea if it was the cashiers handkerchief, or if it belonged to an elderly confused shopper who had taken it to the till to pay for it, only to be told that it was a handkerchief - and then left it in the carrier bag and walked out.

Whoever it belonged to, I didn't want it, so it went in the bin.


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