Thursday, 22 December 2011

Larry's Third Day of Christmas: Chips, Cards, Chopped Down In His Prime....and Certainly The Best Catch Up Yet!

Ok, I must be brief as it is 2:05am.

CHIPS - Took a walk this morning with my Nephew along the Seafront, which is about a mile from his house. By the time we reached the Seafront, he was complaining about his legs aching and being hungry. We stopped at a cafe, but the only food that my Nephew wanted was the one thing not available - Chips. So instead of seeing the bigger picture and getting something else to eat there and then, my Nephew decided that he would rather walk a further quarter of a mile (with his aching legs) to the next food place and get chips there. Luckily for him, they did.

CARDS - On our way back from the Seafront, we bought a pack of playing cards with the intention of making a house of cards. As it turned out, my Nephew decided that he wanted to learn some card tricks instead - so I spent all afternoon being suitably amazed and ignoring the fact that I could see my nephew holding two cards etc....

CUT DOWN IN HIS PRIME - Now, anyone who knows anything about football will admit that Robin Van Persie is in incredible form for Arsenal at the moment, having scored something like 31 goals in 36 games for the Gunners. So it can be of no surprise that I chose to play as Arsenal when my Nephew challenged me to a football match on the Wii video games console. I was Arsenal, and my Nephew had a team made up of the Mii characters you can create for yourself and friends/family. Although looking 'cartoony' and amusing, these Mii players were vicious. In one game they targeted poor Robin Van Persie, and he ended up being stretchered off for treatment three times in one game. He would get fouled, be stretchered off to receive treatment, come back on, and then get promptly hacked down again. I suppose I could have substituted him - but my Nephew found the repeated scything down of RVP so funny, that I didn't want to spoil his fun.

CERTAINLY THE BEST CATCH UP YET - I drove to the outskirts of London to meet up with someone very special. This is a person who was a massive part of my life way back when I was young and naive (younger and naive), and we haven't seen each other for 14 years. I won't go into detail, but we spent 6 hours catching up, reminiscing, bringing each other up to speed on what had been happening with our lives, and of course laughing. We had quite a long chat about relationships and being both wise and beautiful, my friend's viewpoint on certain aspects struck a chord with me. The whole evening was just wonderful, and it was the measure of our friendship that it soon became just like old times.

I will make sure that it will not be 14 years before I see her again!

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