Sunday, 11 December 2011

In Case Of (Insert Word Here) Break Glass........And Hypnotism on Children - The Answer all Parents Seek?

Be warned - I've been thinking.

Whoever invented the cabinet with axe in with the words "In Case Of Emergancy, Break Glass" on the glass is, without doubt, a genius and has undoubtedly saved countless lives.
But hasn't the time come to incorporate this technology into other areas of our lives? I don't mean the fire axe; whilst it has been proven to be a life saving object, its usefulness is not automatically transferable to other life issues. However, have a cabinet or box that says "In Case of Emergancy......" is.

Before I go any further, let me state for the record that a cabinet that just says "In Case of Emergancy......", and nothing else,  IS useless. Unless of course you are a fan of puzzles, as well as a fan of wasting potentially vital seconds.

But in general, there are innumerable variations that can be applied to this idea. You just have to change the word "Emergancy" for whatever situation applies.

Surely there is an opportunity here in the novelty gift market where you could buy a personalised "In Case Of....." case for a friend or loved one? Whatever the situation, there is something that could be as vital as a fire axe in a fire.

A beer for a stressful day at work; a box of chocolates for heartbreak (or a fire axe, depending on how they took it); a takeaway menu for when you are too tired to cook; a toilet roll for someone who loves Curry - the possibilities are endless.

The examples I've just given aren't the best I know, but you get the idea. It could catch on - and at the same time would subconsciously be training folk to instinctively sound the alarm in the event of a fire by breaking the glass. They might not have taken notice of that little box on the wall at their workplace before, but now they would automatically know where it is. So you see, this novelty idea saves lives too.

Dragons Den here I come.......

Talking of monsters - children. I'm talking little children here, between the ages of two and four. You know that age - when they need to be watched every second of the day because all they do is fall over, run into things, push other children over or into things, put things in their mouths, nose, or ears - or other childrens - and just scream all the time.
I was privileged enough today to be invited to the third birthday party of my friends son. It was very nice, but the volume of sugar consumed by the birthday boy and his friend - which is impossible to avoid, and is in no way a slur against his parents - meant that these two children were quite "full on" if you know what I mean.
Again, I'm not saying it was a bad thing, but the addition of hard tiled floors and furniture at head height was a recipe for disaster. I know for a fact that the birthday boy's parents were worn out after the party, just from the amount of time and energy they spent keeping an eye on them.

So, could Hypnotism be the answer? Now bear with me on this; from what I understand, in order for hypnotism to work, the subject has to be "open" to the concept of being hyonotised. If they are sceptical or don't believe, then they cannot be hyonotised.
Young children are like sponges - very good for soaking up spillages (especially the fat ones). Actually that's not what I meant. I mean that they are "open" to everything. They have no preconceptions about anything because they are just learning machines. This makes them the perfect candidates for hypnotism.

But how to hypnotise them? At a young age, children can't sit still for very long, so having a professional hyponotist (are they a profession?) try to do it just wouldn't work. You would need to find a way to keep the child's attention whilst hypnotising them.

The answer? Hand puppets.

Most hypnotists use the hands when hypnotising people, so a hand puppet is the perfect way to hypnotise the child. You can make the puppet as colourful and appealing to the child as possible, which in turn will make it easier to work on them.

And I'm not talking about making the children fall asleep straight away - that isn't necessary. All you would do is implant a trigger word, that when said would invoke the reaction required - be it the need to read quietly, or the desire to take a nap.
And of course there would be a way to cancel the effects - clicking your fingers is a popular one.

So there you have it - hypnotising hand puppets for children. The answer to every parents prayers.

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