Monday, 19 December 2011

Distance = Time / Mood,.....and Another Good Day

Have you ever noticed how the distance you have travelled varies depending on how you are feeling?
For example: I went to Yeovil yesterday (a journey of some 20 miles) to go shopping. I'm my mind, I was 'nipping' to Yeovil as it is relatively close. However, when I got back from shopping and discovered that I would have to go back to Yeovil, in my mind the journey was a much longer one. Instead of 'nipping' back, I would be going 'all the way back'.
But this change in attitude to the distance can happen anywhere. You might happily 'pop' upstairs for something for someone, but if you bring the wrong item down, you are reluctant to have to go all that way back upstairs.

When its easy, distance is no issue. When it is difficult, or inconvenient, the journey is a long and arduous one.....and don't we love complaining about it?

My Christmas holiday has started off fabulously. I received my first two presents today: The first came in two parts - one practical, one novelty but practical also. It was very fabulous. The second was definitely practical, but also useful and much appreciated.

As I type this blog I should be asleep as I have the long trip to Essex tomorrow. I have arranged to meet up with lots of friends this week, and am looking forward to it immensely.

No doubt, details of these reunions will appear on my blog......

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