Saturday, 5 November 2011

They Don't Tell You Plugholes Are Magnetic.

In the past, its fair to say that I have not been house proud, and my standard of living has not been very high.
However thanks to my last relationship, and certainly since I have been living alone in my current abode, I have taken more pride in the cleanliness and tidyness of my home.

That being said, I was appalled this morning when I was preparing to start my housework and assessed the task at hand. My house was a mess, and I found it hard to believe that I was solely responsible. Considering the amount of time that I have spent at work recently, somebody MUST have been breaking in and messing up the place.
Nonetheless, I gritted my teeth and got cracking.

When I was cleaning the bathroom, I had a small accident. Whilst vigorously cleaning the sink, the chain that the plug was attached to came away from the sink. The small metal triangle that hooks into the sink end came off and was laying precariously in the plughole. As I tried to pick it up, I knocked it down the plughole. Well, it was tiny and wet and I have big fingers.

I decided that I had to fix it there and then, so I popped down to my local hardware store and bought just a plug (no chain) with the same triangle attachment.
I got home, and set about fixing the plug chain. Phase 1 was easy - remove the triangle bit from the plug just purchased. My tool of choice was a pair of secetures (that might not be spelt right - apologies to any gardeners reading this), as that was the only tool available. I soon had the triangle off and on the chain of my old plug. I put the triangle through the bit attached to the sink and tried to close the triangle. This proved disastrous, as the triangle bit pinged off and fell down the plughole.

It was as if the plughole was magnetic. I'm surprised my head doesn't get pulled downwards everytime I brush my teeth by the magnetic pull on my fillings.

So, I had to go back to the hardware shop. This time however, I bought a new chain with an "s" shaped hook attachment, and put it on the plug I had bought on my first attempt. It all fitted together beautifully, with no loss of fixings.

I threw my old plug and chain out. I'm not sentimental.

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