Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Testing, Testing......What? You Want Me To Repeat That?

I had to go back to the Hospital today for another Visual Fields Test. That is the test to check my peripheral vision. If you remember, this whole saga with my eyes has been going on for about two years now, all because I had one of these Visual Fields Test at the opticians when I got new glasses. To cut a long story short, they are trying to determine whether I am suffering from, or be likely to suffer from Glaucoma, which is caused by high pressure in the eyes.

So I have this test, which is just as difficult as the last time I had it. I'm convinced that I miss more of the lights I am meant to watch out for than I should be. One day I expect to get a letter from the DVLA telling me that based on medical advice they have received about me from my doctor, I would need to have a windscreen six feet thick in order to be able to see to drive. Furthermore (the letter would say), such a windscreen would be a hazard because if I was driving at night, the light from oncoming traffic would be concentrated through the windscreen into a laser beam with the temperature of the sun that would incinerate me, and any traffic up to half a mile behind me.

The nurse then asks me if I am still taking my eye drops that were prescribed to me at my last visit back in September. I say no, because to my knowledge, they weren't a repeat prescription. This appeared to be a wrong answer, as the nurse said that usually, those sorts of medications are repeat prescriptions because often there is a long time between the next appointments and if you didn't keep taking the medication, their benefit might run out before you see a doctor again.
So I have to ring my GP tomorrow, and find out if the eye drops I was prescribed to lower the pressure in my eyes were a repeat prescription type of deal.

I didn't think they were - but what do I know.......

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