Monday, 28 November 2011

Non-Transferable Habits

Now, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I believe that part of the magic of a relationship is the fact that it is a blend of each parties individual lifestyles, forged together to form a new 'best of both worlds' combined lifestyle (or "Combyle" as I like to name the copywritten title for it). This Combyle does not happen overnight - it is created by both people in the relationship finding out what they like and don't like about each other, and then through communication and understanding whittling away removing the worst elements and revealing the best of each of them. Much like a Sculptor erm....sculpting.

Is Sculptor spelt correctly? Or should it be Sculpter? Both look wrong to me....

Anyway, I am aware that I have developed certain habits during my time on board HMS Microwave Dinner for One, that might not necessarily show me in the best light.
I'm not talking anything of a "personal" nature here - all of that is in good condition and like that new stereo you bought a month ago: permanently on standby.
No, I'm talking about other little habits I've picked up living by myself.

For example: My waste not attitude to cooking. If I am having say, Soup and a sandwich, any crumbs etc. left on the chopping board after making the sandwich gets tipped into the soup as it is heated up.
I'm sure you will agree that in these hard times we must all do what we can to make things stretch a little further.

Another habit of mine is to "bulk wash" my clothes. I can generally get through an entire weeks worth of washing in three loads - those loads being titled 'whites and anything lighter than grey', 'greys, blacks, dark blues, and anything that won't run', and finally 'coloureds and stuff that doesn't matter if it is ruined'. Whilst this suits me, it might not go down to well with any potential partner.

But perhaps my worst habit can be seen when I make toast and marmalade. You see, I have developed what could be called a 'tick' - an almost involuntary movement - that I don't even realise I am doing:

I lick the knife.

That's not so bad, you might say - but it is.

Because I lick the knife between buttering the toast, and spreading the marmalade on. Once finished, I lick the knife again.
But I leave it out incase I want to make more.

The same knife!

Licked! By me!

It is these sorts of habits that must be left behind in singleville, should I ever take a trip to relationship town in the future.

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