Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kitchen Utensil Coincidence?

I'm not usually a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but I'm pretty sure that the makers of kitchen knives and pots and pans are in league with Hospitals.

Tonight I had pie and mash and veg. I always steam my veg over my potatoes (said the boy scout to the nurse) as it keeps in the goodness etc. I have a three tier metal steamer set - the potatoes boil in the bottom with the veg in the two tiers above them, being steamed.

After dinner I washed up. As I was doing so, I discovered that my small kitchen knife (being the smallest of my knives, and not a knife for a small kitchen) was wedged in the bottom of one of my steamer tiers. There is a little groove running round the tier where it sits inside the other tier, and this knife was from handle to point wedged across the bottom of the tier.

I tried tapping the tier to free the knife, but without success. So then I grabbed the handle and started pulling at it. Initially nothing happened - the knife was stuck fast. Then suddenly WHAM! The knife comes free, flies spinning upwards and the handle hits me in the face just below my left eye. I wasn't hurt, but if it had been the blade, I could have been.

The kitchen knives and the steamer set are made by different companies, and yet the knife managed to get wedged in the tier. As a result, I could have been blinded.

I'm sure there is a standard size for kitchen utensils - probably designed by nurses so that they always know the rough area of damage when details of a kitchen injury comes through. How else can you explain the number of children that get their heads stuck in a saucepan every year?

I think there is something fishy going on.....and I don't mean smoked Salmon.

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