Friday, 4 November 2011

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I'm writing this blog now, because I won't have the energy or inclination when I get home.

"But if you're not at home Larry, then where are you?", cried the collective audience of this blog in one voice.

I'll give you three guesses: Yup, I'm at work. Today I have done 13hrs and 50 minutes (counting the time I started writing this blog as the time I stopped working). Yesterday I did 13hrs and 30 minutes. on Monday I will be starting at 5am because in spite of the hours I am putting in, there is still loads to do.

On Monday we have two forty foot containers coming in - one at 8am and one at 12:30pm. If you want to get an idea of what is involved check out my blog of 14th June titled "Not The Best Start To The Day". On top of these I have orders to pick and despatch, a warehouse to try and keep tidy, paperwork that needs sorting, and (it seems) thousands of other jobs all jumping up and down shouting "Me! Me! Pick Me!"

But that is next week. For now I am done. I am going home to relax all weekend. I will do as little as I can in an attempt to recharge my batteries.

I will leave you with this notion: How fabulous would it be if you owned a suit made from the fabric of time? It would never go out of fashion.


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