Saturday, 26 November 2011

Indecisive Radio Ghost, Washing, Coffee, Feeder

My car is possessed by a ghost that cannot make up its mind.

At least that is what it feels like when I have the radio on. I used to listen to "Wave 105" a local radio station - but I found that on the journeys I was doing, I wasn't getting good reception. In the end I found a radio station that came through much clearer - "Midwest Radio" - and have been listening to that.
However, a strange phenomenon keeps occurring: at certain points on some journeys the signal from Midwest Radio is suddenly replaced by the signal from another radio station. The result is that the music I hear changes back and forth as if someone was tuning it to and fro. Yesterday for about a mile I was listening to "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston being regularly interspersed with "Firestarter" by the Prodigy. Although only temporary, it makes for interesting.listening!

Is there an unwritten rule that says washing must be Hung neatly on the washing line? I only ask because I put some washing out today as it was a windy day (I'm not saying that the weather dictates how clean my clothes are, just that today was a good day for drying), and although I Hung everything neatly, the wind made a complete mess of it. It was folded over the line or scrunched up together, it was a mess!
So can we just hang our washing any old way on windy days - or is there snobbery and elitism amongst washers of clothes, and having your washing Hung incorrectly could result in you being shunned? I don't know, but I know that rushing out every two minutes to re-straighten the washing is not fun.

Life is a constant learning curve; we learn new stuff all the time. A few days ago I learnt something new about coffee granules. Did you know that if you add the boiling water to the coffee before you add the milk, the water burns the coffee slightly and gives it a different taste, than if you add the milk first.
I had no idea about that until someone told me a few days ago. Try it for yourself and see....

I have established my new bird feeder in my garden (see picture below). I had to spend £27 on feeders, and nuts and seeds, but it is all ready. I must admit I stood for long periods today staring at it through my kitchen window waiting for signs of any interest from our feathered friends, but without success. Perhaps the local birds have seen it but don't trust what it is. I guess I have to give them time. Watch this space!

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