Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Idiot is King

Dear world,

Whatever happened to common sense? What happened to such phrases as 'you've only got yourself to blame', and 'watch where you are going!' ?

In the good old days (about 20 years ago) if there was a hole in the road, it was our responsibility to see that hole, and take appropriate action i.e. walk around it. Today apparently, that is not good enough; people cannot be trusted to think for themselves, and we have to have bollards and cones and barricades and huge yellow signs that say "Watch Out! There's a Hole in The Road Here!

Why must we now legislate for the moronic? Why do we, society, have to compensate for the mental short comings of our members? If a person walking along the street not paying attention to where they are going or what they are doing, accidentally trips over something lying in plain view, why should they get compensation?

Instead of putting up the price of petrol, why not introduce an "Common Sense Tax"? Let's start penalising people for not using their common sense - the government would make a fortune! And would save another fortune because less Health & Safety paraphernalia would be needed.

When I was a child, if I tripped over a kerb and skinned my knee, not only did I get told off for not looking where I was going, I also got a rollocking for putting a hole in my trousers! The thought of blaming someone else didn't exist.

The world is terrified of 'what if' and we are all treated like children because somehow it became easier to say 'that's your fault' than it was to say 'I'm such a clumsy sod!'

I don't have children, I don't know if I ever will - but if I do, I will raise them to be responsible for their own actions. I will install in them the notion that any action of theirs that comes under the category of "Should Know Better" will automatically void the warranty on any sympathy or support of their explanations afterwards, should something unfortunate occur as a direct result of said action.

Why have we abandoned the learning process? It's got us from caveman to modern man okay, so why not stick with the formula? We learn from our mistakes, but if you remove the ability to make mistakes, by making the world idiot proof, are you not making us less intelligent?

The world is a dangerous place - but not THAT dangerous if you apply a little common sense. Roads should not be played near; knives are sharp; hot things can burn you; holes can be fallen into; electric cabling should not be chewed. Little things like these will go along way to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. You don't have to wrap them in cotton wool 'just in case'.

So parents, grab your kids and push them over. Then rub their face in the dirt and make sure they swallow some. Then let them juggle the rolling pin and drop it on their foot. Make a cup of tea, and after stirring it, put the teaspoon on their arm. They may cry, and they may complain, but you will have taken monstrous steps towards making the rest of their lives better and more enjoyable.

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