Sunday, 6 November 2011


I have been genuinely amazed at how lovely the weather has been today. Although it has not been massively warm (it is November), it has been a crisp, bright and just beautiful day.

I haven't done much today - I went for a walk, did my washing, and spent a fair amount of time feeling a wound on the top of my head that I got last night when I cracked my head on the door frame of the pub as I was leaving. Although I was expecting to have a sore head by the end of last night, I didn't expect to get it like that.

I also had a brief moment of loneliness today. These happen to me every now and then. It was this afternoon - I was having a great day, was feeling good, the house was clean and one of my favourite programmes was on TV. Everything had seemed to click together, but there was no-one with me to share it.
I threw away my last relationship, but I know that I am a good bloke and am too good to be alone. I think it would be a good idea if you take all the learning you do from each failed relationship (because we do learn - about others and ourselves), and do it all in one big lump early in life so that you don't mess them up.

I also think there should be an injection that makes you experience all the fear you will ever feel in your lifetime in one go, so that you get it out the way and don't let it hold you back.

My loneliness was only temporary, and I am back to my handsome, attractive self.

I'm about to tuck into my tea - another slow cooker spectacular - so I will bid you farewell.

Thanks for reading.

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