Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Birds, Locks, Train, Beard, Bed.

Some might say, that I am easily pleased - and if they did, I'd be happy with that. But I'd also prefer the phrase "Appreciative, and Handsome!". I will concede that I take pleasure from the littlest things - as they are easy to bully, and can't jump up and snatch it back.
I have seen one of my Christmas presents today - it is a Bird Feeder stand with a built in bird table and Bird box, and it is being hand made (by hand) by my good friend Peter. This is a thank you from him for me lending him my car earlier in the year. Although it is not finished, it is looking very good, and I can't wait to watch the birds use it in my garden. I know it will give me great pleasure watching the variety of birds feed from it.

Recently, I appear to be having trouble remembering how a door lock works. Today I tried to unlock my car door by turning the key clockwise TOWARDS the front of the car instead of anti-clockwise. Just before my brain kicked in and remembered what I already knew, I definitely thought that the logical way to unlock a car door with the key is to turn the key towards the engine because that is what makes the car go, and that is what I want to do. For a millisecond, that made perfect sense.
Similarly, when I got home tonight I tried to unlock my door by turning my key even more in the direction that locked it in the first place. My reasoning behind this? I'm am idiot.

I'd like to recommend a film for you to watch: "Unstoppable". I won't tell you what it is about, but will say that it stars Denzel Washington, and the actor who played the young James Kirk in the most recent "Star Trek" film. For the first time in quite a while, I really enjoyed this film.

My beard no longer irritates me! It turns out that it just had to grow to a certain length in order to settle down. I guess that all that soreness and irritation was just the beard equivalent of Teenage years - it was angry, painful and I couldn't do anything with it. Thankfully, now my goatee and I enjoy a much better relationship.

And finally: I love my bed. It's big, comfy, warm, I'm in it, and I don't have to wake up until 7am tomorrow!

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