Monday, 21 November 2011

Evaporating Music - It's The Future!

As many of you who know me will testify, I am a lifeform made out of the clothing of nuns - I am a creature of habit.

One of my habits is this: The first weekend after I get paid, I spoil myself by going to Yeovil, having a Costa, and maybe buying myself a Blu-ray film or a Cd.

Last payday, this was precisely what I did, and the CD I purchased was a U2 greatest hits album. I played it on the drive back home, and left it in the car for future audio entertainment.

However, the next time I came to drive my car sufficient distance to warrant playing a CD, the disc and case were nowhere to be found. I have searched that car thoroughly since then, and have found no trace of that album. It is just like it evaporated into thin air.

By the way, if we can have thin air, what does thick air look like?

Maybe this is the future of music. Perhaps in an effort to get in line with the environmentalists, all CD's that are produced will evaporate after a fixed period of time.  Not only would this reduce the landfills (a little), but would encourage people to buy more CD's (provided they did not have the ability to download music).

I honestly do not know where that CD went - either I ate it (unlikely), dropped it outside the car (improbable), or I dreamt the whole thing (could be!)

Whatever happened, It's weird.....

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