Sunday, 13 November 2011

3 day blog part two - Saturday.

Bouquet, Asparagus, Rugby, and Kebab...

Saturday was a busy day. Firstly I had to go shopping for food, petrol, and flowers. I needed the food, my car needed some petrol, and I needed to buy flowers for a friend whose birthday I had forgotten.
With all three purchased, I dropped the flowers off at my friends, had a cup of tea and went on.

The afternoon was boring, but I went out a 6pm to some friends who I was going out to Sherborne with. I had never been to Sherborne socially before, and was looking forward to it.

The first pub in Sherborne we went into was a Rugby pub. You've never seen so many ruddy faced, middle classed, cauliflower eared, rugby shirt wearing folk in all your life. I went to the bar, and got two things: a round of drinks, and a hard time from the barmaid.

<p>For some reason, she had an issue with tall people because she gave both me and my mate Steve who is 6ft + grief. Her people skills were shocking, and she had something green stuck in between her teeth, and whilst her low cut top was very appealing, the asparagus display in her mouth was Somewhat off putting.

We had a few pints in that pub before moving on. Over the course of the night I would be mistaken for a Hells Angel, would find the most pointless Fruit Machine in existence, and by the biggest kebab known to man.

It was a great night!

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