Tuesday, 18 October 2011

You Stubbed Your Toe? Hah! We Made You Do That!

Get this: From GPS to better ways to resolve international conflicts in three easy steps.

Due to the (I presume) bizarre magnetic construction of the 17th Century house I rent, the only place I get any decent mobile signal and WiFi connection is when I am lying on my bed upstairs in my bedroom (which is why it is called that). Sadly, WiFi and mobile signal is the only thing I currently get when lying on my bed.
So it is here that I do my blogging. When I am blogging, there is an option to display my location (i.e my street name - not "horizontal"). I never turn this feature on however, because it just can't get it right. The closest it can get is to give my location as the Indian Restaurant next door, and that just isn't good enough. Surely the technology is there to get pin point accuracy in GPS and that sort of stuff? After all, this is 2011!

But then I got thinking about all the current conflicts and recent wars. How many times have we seen innocent people killed by a missile that wasn't accurate enough? Maybe it is impossible to be that accurate, so the choice for today's modern war machine is greater devastation to counter act the lack of accuracy. If you can't pin point the exact target you want, take out an area ten times the area of the target and you are bound to succeed. Yes, many innocent people will die, but that is that.

But does it need to be? Why can't the technology we have be made to improve accuracy and reduce casualties. Why can't we get a missile the thickness of a Javelin that has a smaller blast area and can be guided more accurately to hit the right target with minimal collateral damage? Why don't we make missiles and rockets smaller, and more personal? If you can have heat seeking missiles, why not DNA seeking darts, that home in on genetic code?

Of course, it is unlikely that any such advancements will take place - so if they won't improve the accuracy, reduce the casualties. Killing someone is not the only way to incapacitate them. Other options could be such things as:

A pollen bomb, that temporarily gives everyone within its blast radius severe hayfever.

An emp type blast that targets the chemical balance of the brain causing temporary Narcolepsy.

A nerve gas that makes you keep biting the inside of your mouth by accident.

Or a chemical weapon that makes your hands and legs go to sleep.

Temporary incapacitation is the future. Why spill blood, when you can induce the hiccups?

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