Thursday, 6 October 2011

Workload Ambush, Tortoise Shell Beard, And Alternaitve Uses For Letterbox Bristles

As I enter my eleventh hour at work today, I am waiting (yet again) for a lorry. At times like this I feel I should re-name myself as "Larry the lorry waiter" - although when I say that out loud the image that comes to mind is of an American truck stop where the waitresses come out to the lorries to take the order and bring the food, and for some reason I have a picture of myself in a crop top, hot pants and on roller-skates. On second thoughts, let's not rename myself that eh?

And obviously never speak of it again.

Anyway, I'm still at work after a long day and I just don't know why things have got so busy lately. I am aware that this is the start of our busiest period of the year, but still I definitely have the feeling that this past week the rush of work has come on "all of a sudden". Even as I type I am thinking about what I have to do tomorrow - get stuff ready to be sent to our packing house, pick two orders, put three other orders on the system, wrap and label another order, notify the packing house of items we need back next week for orders going many, many more. I will be coming in early - for the fourth day running - and can feel the accumulative weariness creeping up on me. Every day this week I have begun to felt tired a little bit earlier with each passing day. If I was to carry on like this in about a week I would wake up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast and then promptly fall asleep again.

Hang on - the lorry I'm waiting for has turned up. I shall continue writing this blog at home..........

...sorry about that, I'm at home now. So yes, I feel like all this work has been waiting in the shadows and now has suddenly jumped out and grabbed me. Just when I think I'm making headway, I remember a shed load of things I still have to do. I guess I should be thankful because I have a job - I am thankful, but at the moment...I'm run off my feet!

So, I'm growing a goatee. But I have discovered that due to a combination of dark hairs, grey hairs, and redness of the skin beneath my beard caused by irritation, my goatee is taking on a tortoise-shell colouring. I don't yet know whether a multicoloured beard will help or hinder my romantic aspirations - although I will concede that having less of my handsome face on show will make it slightly harder for women to fall in love with me at first sight.

Talking of hairs....I have a hairy letterbox - and no, I'm not being rude. What I mean is, is that my letterbox has those bristles on the inside which act as a draught excluder.
At least I think that is what they are used for? For all I know, their purpose might be for cleaning mud off your shoes - you simply pass the shoe toe first through the letterbox from outside to in,  and as it goes through the bristles remove the dirt which falls harmlessly outside the door where it can be trodden on by someone wearing socks - no, harmlessly swept away.
This cleaning method could also work if you were dropping dog poo through the door of someone you don't like - simply drop the poo, and as you retract your hand, the brushes clean your hand. Obviously, you would still have some poo on your hands - well you did pick it up in the first place!

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