Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weak, Spiky, Excited, Sad

This is going to be a relatively short post, as I just can't be arsed to spend an hour or so (thanks to my laptop being bust and me having to use the Blogger app on my phone) writing this blog.

So here goes.

Why, when tonights dinner (jacket potatoes) is cooking in the oven, do I feel the need to open the bag of doritos I was saving for my weekly movie night on Friday?
Because I'm weak - as weak as an exhausted kitten that's had to give a blood transfusion to save its sister.
And also because the two cheese rolls I had when I got in from work obviously weren't enough!

My beard - although shampoo'd daily is still spiky in places (the border between North and South Korea for example - always tense around there). I reckon I have some porcupine in me.

Which is why I was kicked out of the petting zoo.

I've recently discovered a brand of clothing called "Fat Face" - its outdoorsy, beachy sort of wear and their winter catalogue dropped through my door today. I am rather looking forward to checking out the new range of clothing....

So colonel Ghadaffi is dead. While I hope that there will be a new era of progress and peace in Libya, I am sad that again a country has been torn apart and so many people killed during the past year or so.
What is even sadder is that there will be more like Ghadaffi in the future, and more innocent lives lost.

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