Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sausage Surprise - and The Eye of The Butcher

I had another one of my impulsive moments today.

I was on my lunch break, and I popped into my local butchers to see a friend who worked on the Deli counter. Unfortunately she was busy, so I turned to leave - but then I thought 'butchers - sausages - casserole!'

I don't get out much.

I walked over to the counter and looked at the sausages on display. There were a few varieties on offer, but the ones that caught my eye were hanging from the ceiling.
I ducked away from them rubbing my eye, and saw some that said "Pork & Black Pudding sausages £6.45/kg"
For a moment I stood there, torn between my desire to try new things, and my knowledge of what Black Pudding was made of, and how nasty it looked (and therefore automatically tasted horrible). However inspite of its appalling record with cats, my curiosity was not to be denied. However, I had no idea how many sausages there were to the kilo - if it turned out only two, then this would be expensive!

I decided to ask the assistant behind the counter, and she estimated that there would be 12 to the kilo. She counted out 12, which came to just over a kilo. I was impressed!
I took the sausages home, seperated 4 of them for use tonight (with mash) for tea, and put the rest in the freezer to be used at the weekend.

Well I tried the sausages tonight, and I can honestly say they were delicious! This doesn't mean that I'll be buying Black Pudding anytime soon, but my horizon has been widened slightly.

Now, the butchers assistant's accurate guessing of the sausages per kilo got me thinking: Is it conceivable that a butcher with many years experience, can look at a customer and work out in his head how much meat they get off that person?
If you walked into your local butchers, would the butcher secretly be thinking " get 100 sausages out of that "?
Or worse still, "about four hours at gas mark 5 - for medium-rare"

You can't tell me they don't think about it......

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