Friday, 28 October 2011

The PhanTOE of The Opera - and other Randomness

Well, here we are again wondering what today's blog is going to be about. To be honest, a variety of topics are likely, all of which will combine to give an overall feeling of randomness to the whole piece.

Hooray! We all cry!!

Or: Hooray. We all cry.

For those of you that are interested, I am back to typing this blog using the Blogger App. I cannot tell you how annoying it is - the combination of the touch screen phone, the fact that my index finger tip (yes, I'm still using one digit) is as big as two letters side by side on the on-screen keyboard, and my phones apparent constant need to update and therefore freeze periodically, makes blogging this way an unpleasant experience.
But, not being one to complain, I shall endeavour.

I have had a mixed bag of a day. For some of it, I was angry, frustrated, and not a joy to be around - but then my wages arrived in my account and I have ever since been much more personable.
Tonight I had fish and chips for tea at a Friends house. In way of thanks, I bought her some flowers, and a Euromillions lottery ticket for her and her husband. We had a great conversation over tea, and both roared with laughter, and came close to tears. It was the best conversation I've had in a long time.

I know that our bodies are not symmetrical, but the big toe on my left foot is definitely bigger than the big toe on my right foot. It is so noticeable to me that I sometimes wonder if it isn't swollen. I would show you a photo of each toe to back up what I am saying, but the big toe on my left foot is the one that got "black nail" - the nail came off revealing a bloody, pus filled underneath which is taking a long time to heal (due to poor circulation). The toe is no longer bloody or filled with pus, and indeed the new nail is growing back - but the damage done is considerable, and it is still unpleasant to see. I fear my toe may end up disfigured. It will probably become a recluse, shunned by the other toes until one day it goes mad and kills all the other toes before burning my feet down in a dramatic and spectacularly gruesome finale.

Or it will just look weird.

I think that is it for today. Thank you for playing.

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