Friday, 14 October 2011

Lovely, okay - becoming annoying, wonderful, FAB!

The title of today's post is basically a description of my day.

Today started very well with a nice sunrise as I walked to work (see the picture at the bottom of this post - no, not the one of the cake, the other one). It was a lovely sight to behold.

Work itself started out okay - everyone was in a good mood, and there was light hearted conversation. Sadly, the afternoon became slightly more annoying as the lorry that was due to arrive mid afternoon, didn't turn up until late afternoon - and as we usually get to finish early on a Friday, I was not amused. Especially as by this time I was the only one in the office.

In the end, I got away - and then my day improved dramatically. Today is my very good friend Alyn's Birthday, and I popped over to give him his card. I ended up staying for a while and chatted to Alyn and his lovely partner Emma. I also got to hold their new (well, not so new - they've had her a while now) baby Fern, who for the moment is in a special harness to correct a minor problem with her hips. Because of this harness, Fern looks like she is constantly doing the splits - or if you hold her upside down, she looks like the letter "Y". She is not in any pain, and only has to have that harness for 11 weeks.
I also got to have an in depth conversation with Ferns older brother Dylan. The topics we discussed were: The Adventures of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends (sub-plot: why Oliver is unpopular), the correlation between my height and my ticklishness, and blowing raspberries on Dylans tummy - could this be a force for peace?.

In truth, my time with Dylan made me remember a truth I had forgotten: I'm good with kids. I will be offering my baby sitting services to Alyn and Emma in the Future - although they might have to take Fern with them; small, small children are not my forte - too many possible combinations of factors that might make me feel helpless.

All too soon I had to leave - but I did come away with a large slice of Alyn's birthday cake (see second photo). This was made by Emma, who had used enough food colourings to alter my genetic code. Dylan helped decorate the cake, with jelly beans etc.
The basic upshot of all this, is that I an liable to be high as a kite on E-numbers, and halucinating later on when I eat the cake.

Still, I've had worse Friday nights.

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