Sunday, 16 October 2011

Karma Trading

So, you know how it is - you're in the pub, you're a little tipsy, and you go and make a deal on the spur of the moment.
Well last night, I made such a deal. My friends Steve and Sam have just bought some new furniture, and therefore had some old furniture they needed to dispose of. At the same time, Sam was saying how she wanted to get this Michael Jackson game for the Wii - but they didn't have a Wii.
Steve asked me if was interested in this furniture (worth about £400), and I said yes - but offered him my Wii in exchange. You see, I don't really play it that much anymore, it does waste time that I could better use writing my story or practicing my Sign Language, and to be honest, I've always fancied an Xbox.

So me and Steve struck a deal, and both got something useful out of it. I have new furniture adorning my home, and Steve and Sam can practice their moonwalk.

Everyone's a winner!

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